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Master Turret

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May 18 14 12:27 PM

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I am looking for people who will help me translate Touhou Attorney 2 into english. I've been trying to do it myself, but I do not know whether my translations are good or not. So I decided to get help from the community of Touhou fans to make this the best translation possible. If you want to help you can either post here or email me. You can also find me on steam if you have it. My username is the same as this one.

There are a couple of things that need translated:
1. Images - these images are profiles and evidence for the game.
2. Dialog - this is what will be said (if that wasn't obvious enough) I have been trying to translate it
with online translators, but it just doesn't seem right to me. 
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red beryl

Great Sealed Magician

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May 31 14 5:04 AM

Hm, sorry, my Japanese is novice grade at best so I wouldn't be of much use.
You'd probably be best off making a translation inquiry at either Gensokyo, or Shrine Maiden. Maybe Moriya. I'd say Hakurei as well, but they've been dead for a while unfortunately.


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