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Apr 11 13 2:09 PM

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Not quite sure if this should go here. But here's a kid's story I wrote.

A long time ago in a kingdom far away lived a Princess named Yuzuki. Yuzuki was the most beautiful princess in all the land. But Yuzuki’s father, the king, was very nervous for Yuzuki refused to get married.

“I am the fairest of them all,” she would say, “so I should marry the bravest of them all.”

And so time and time again she turned down those who came to take her hand in marriage. Until one day a knight appeared at the castle and said “Beautiful Yuzuki, tell us what I may do to show you that I am the bravest of them all.” And it was at this time that Yuzuki came up with her impossible request, for she much enjoyed being on her own. And so she sent him to to claim a gem from a Dragon’s horde.

The knight, Sir Gendrick, made his way to the wharf. He spent much time before he finally got passage on a ship. Off his ship sailed, to the cold frigid lands of the north. After he got off of his ship he walked 3 days and a night before he came to a town. He walked up to the door of a small cottage and knocked. Soon an elderly woman came and opened the door.

Sir Gendrick bowed. “My kind friend,” he said, “I am cold and hungry. My princess has sent me on a quest to retrieve a Gem from a Dragon’s Hoard. Might I ask you for a place to stay and a meal for my stomache?”

“But of course,” The old lady replied, “you remind me much of my son. He fell in love with a milkmaid and sought to win her affection.” And so the old lady let him into her home and gave him a meal and told the knight the story of her son’s exploits.

For three weeks this continued. During the day the knight would go out into the snow covered town and ask about dragons and their hordes, and by night he would listen to the kind old lady’s stories over a warm bowl of stew.

He heard stories of how dragons were terrible fearsome creatures and how they loved treasure. He learned of how the town always used to pay the dragon in days of old so that he would not attack them. He learned of the Old Lady’s son who won his heart’s love with charm and wit.

But on the 22nd day the knight left the town and went into a cavern where the dragon was said to live. He left his armor at the entrance, bringing only his sword and shield and wearing clothing filled with snow, for he had heard tales of how dragons could breathe fire. But when he reached the dragon’s chamber all that he had learned he forgot.

The room was filled with gold and gems as far as he could see, there was enough fortune in that room to make anyone a king. He marveled at the beauty in the room so much that he almost did not hear a voice asking him what he was doing.

As fast as he could the knight spun around bracing his shield and pointing his sword, but he was not prepared for what he saw. There before him stood a dragon. Not some ferocious beast, but a creature not 3 feet tall and 5 feet long. Ruby-red and emerald-green scales were patterned upon it’s back, and it looked upon him with eyes like sapphires set in pearl.

The knight could not believe his eyes. That this was a dragon, a ferocious beast to be feared. This creature before him was one of the most beautiful things he had ever saw.

“Noble dragon,” Sir Gendrick said, “I have come to retrieve a gem. For my princess has asked it of me so that I may have her hand in marriage.”

“Brave Sir Knight, none have steeped foot in the chambers for years I cannot remember,” intoned the dragon, “Nothing would make me happier than to give you a gem, so that you might find happiness. But I cannot do it for free, my family has sworn to protect these treasures for as long as we have lived. Perhaps if you could tell me a story of a great struggle, I would grant you my gem.”

“I can do that.” The knight said, but before he began the tale of his exploits he stopped and his thoughts turned to the old lady than had taken such care of him for the past three weeks. And so he told the tale of her son, and how try as he might he could not gain the attention of the one he loved. How he had learned to play the lute, how he had learned to write poetry, and how he had finally won her heart. And when he had finished the tale, the dragon was crying. And as a tear formed in her eye, it turned into a brilliant gem.

“Here,” said the dragon, taking the gem from her eye, “take this to your princess, and may you find as much happiness as the old woman’s son.”

And so the knight left the cavern and stopped by the Old Woman’s house. There he told her of how the stories she had told him had won him the favor of the dragon, and that night they stayed up late telling each other stories.

When the sun rose in the sky the next morning the knight set off from the town eager to return home after his voyage. When he returned to the castle the knight gave the princess the gem and told her the phantasmagoric tale of how he got it. But her reaction was not what she had expected.

“A dragon crying gems?” She laughed, “that is the silliest thing I have ever heard. No doubt you bought this gem at some market and came up with a silly tale to explain it.” She tossed him back the gem and said “I will not marry you Sir Knight.” And then the princesses guards took him away.

Saddened the Knight made his way back to the wharf and spent what little money he had left for passage back to the north. He once again made the 3 day and a night trek to the dragon’s den and crying he told her all that had happened.

“Do not worry,” the dragon comforted him, “is there not another that you would give your life for?” And the knight’s thoughts turned to the old lady and the townsfolk that lived the best they could in the freezing cold.

“Noble Dragon, I know that you would not part with your treasure willfully, and I have no more stories to tell you. But I beg of you, lend me some of your gold.”

“Of course,” said the Dragon “I know your intentions to be pure.”

And with a sack of gold the Knight went into town and spread the dragon’s wealth. Bringing happiness to all the people. And so he lived in the town with the dragon and the old lady for the rest of his days.

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Great Sealed Magician

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Apr 12 13 1:29 PM

Originally there were going to be 5 knights. But my Multicultural Children's Literature Professor told me "Zai, stop. You're writing a children's story, not a novel. You already have more written than everyone else."

I legitimately gave Hawk a nose bleed by talking about Sanae's Panties 

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